Tips for Designing Your Garden Landscape

As a homeowner, it is a dream come true to have a home designed exactly to your liking — and this dream includes your outdoor spaces too such as your garden.

Gardens have the unique ability to be the extension of your home. Need a place to unwind and sit down to read a book? Go to your garden! Need to host a lot more people than what your house can accommodate? Easily set up chairs and tables in your garden!

In any way you integrate it into your daily life, having a well-designed and well-built garden will definitely work in your favour. So let’s get right on to it by starting from scratch: your garden landscape.

Creating a garden landscape allows you to see the big picture — how your garden will look even before everything comes to life, which is why it’s important to landscape first before beginning your garden construction.

See how you can easily create your Garden Landscape here!

How to Create  Garden Landscape

Know What You Want

Before you start planning how your garden will look, think about what you want it to achieve. Think about how you’ll use it, how nice it should look, if it should be eco-friendly, and how much work you want to put into maintaining it.

Do you want a place to chill out, have fun, or grow your own veggies? Knowing what you want will help you make choices about how to design it and make sure it turns out how you imagine.

Assess Your Space

Take a good look at your garden. Measure how big it is, check out how it’s set up, see what kind of soil it has, notice how much sun it gets, and look at what’s already there like trees, bushes, and buildings.

Knowing these things will help you pick the right plants, plan where to put paths, and decide how to arrange everything in your garden.

Make Sure You can Use It

Design your garden layout with functionality in mind. Consider how you will use the space and allocate areas for different activities such as dining, lounging, gardening, and play. Incorporate pathways that connect various areas seamlessly and ensure accessibility for maintenance tasks.

Choose the Right Plants

Picking the best plants is super important for your garden to look its best. To do this, think about how much sun, water, and space each plant needs before deciding where to put them.

Try to mix things up with pretty plants, veggies you can eat, and plants that belong in your area to make your garden lively and full of life.

Pay Attention to Detail

Attention to detail can elevate your garden design from good to great. Focus on elements such as texture, colour, contrast, and focal points to create visual interest and depth. Incorporate features like pathways, walls, and structures to add structure and functionality to your garden.

Go Sustainable

When choosing the decorations and fixtures that would perfectly go in your garden like paths, patios, and walls in your garden, go for things that are good for the environment!

Use stuff like old wood, recycled plastic, real stone, and pavers that let water through. Not only is it cost-efficient for you but they effortlessly last long, help nature, and look nice to boot — the perfect combination for every garden. 

Embrace Mother Nature

The best way to keep your garden alive is to make sure it is full of life! Encourage lots of different animals and insects in your garden by making sure your garden is livable. Use plants that are already found in your area to be friendlier to the ecosystem.

If you want, you can put up things like bird feeders, bug houses, and water for them to drink to bring in a mix of creatures that can help with the longevity of your plans and designs!

Spice it up Every Season!

Plan your garden so it looks different and exciting to match the seasons or even just important occasions! 

Use plants that bloom at different times and have different colours and leaves. This way, your garden will always look interesting and keep surprising you with new things to see and enjoy.

Regular Maintenance

Taking care of your garden regularly is really important to keep it looking great and growing well. Make a schedule for things like watering, cutting back plants, pulling out weeds, giving them food, and dealing with pests.

Keep an eye on how your plants are doing and change things up in your garden if you need to so they stay healthy and beautiful.

In the end, creating the perfect garden landscape is the first step to creating your perfect garden so let’s make sure we do it right!

By taking into account what you will use the garden for and what elements you want to see in your garden, you can easily design it in a way that suits your need, is easy to the eyes and helps the environment as well.

Create your Dream Garden Landscape Today!

Our team at VL Designs have just the right tools to make sure your vision comes to life! With our tailored landscaping solutions, we have helped clients all over Australia in achieving their dream garden. 

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